So You Want To Be A WebMaster?

It's really not as hard as you think.....
In the old days if you wanted a website you would need to know HTML.  HTML is the coding format that your browser needs to create a website.  Over the years some companies have
provided easy to use tools that allow non-geeks to produce killer web sites just by using their interface which transforms your click and drag commands into brower-compliant HTML code. Sure you can use Front-Page (Microsoft's answer) but then where do you host your website?  Yahoo? Your Internet Provider?  Sure they'll tease you with the promise of low cost hosting and  easy to use software but...when you look a bit closer you'll see you'll have to shell out more dollars for more space, email rights, bandwidth etc.....

The better answer is to look for a company that will host your website and provide a tool that's drop dead easy to use.  One that allows for packages that are scalable to meet your needs.  I found that company...Homestead. 

Homestead is easy as pie to use.  Heck my current website was built completely by myself from Khazakhstan using a 56K modem and I think the quality of this website is a testament to this company.  So if you're interested in expressing yourself and learning how easy it is to build your own website then press the link below and get more information!!!